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Dear Guests, Fontana più stella has now reopened its doors. We have been busy preparing for the new normal, but don’t worry, our values haven’t changed nor have the beauties of Rome. We are happy to welcome you among us, in our holiday home in Rome ..

In order to guarantee your serenity and safety, we share the measures we have adopted in respect of everyone, in terms of sanitation, decontamination of the apartments and laundry washing, following the directives of the World Health Organization and specifically the circular 5543 of the Ministry of Health of February 2020 against the contamination of Covid 19.

Thanks to our collaboration with Eraclya and its highly qualified staff, leaders in the sanctification of hospital environments, to whom we have entrusted our cleaning service at each check out, we are sure to be able to deliver completely sterile environments.

The products used based on chlorine, ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, are supplied by Sutter.

The products used based on chlorine, ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, are supplied by Sutter.

1) Sanctification: â € ¨â €

  • Disinfectant cleansing (Xtra-chlor) of the cloth and leave for 1 minute â € ¨
  • Cleaning of all surfaces with the technique: from the least to the dirtiest / top to bottom â € ¨
  • I dust all the furnishings with a cloth moistened with detergent â € ¨
  • Sweeping of the flooring in all rooms through the use of the Vileda Swep system with disposable tissue (replacement of the tissue every 30 square meters of surface). â € ¨
  • Floor washing and disinfection with Vileda Click Speed system with chlorine-based disinfectant solution, diluted to 3%. â € ¨
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, furniture, switches, control panels (external parts), tables and desks, fixed equipment, door and window furnishings. â € ¨ Cleanse of furniture and all surfaces with Xtra-clor disinfectant by spraying the product on the disposable cloth and leaving it to act for 1 minute â € ¨
  • Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary ware with Xtra-chlor by spraying on the disposable cloth, spreading and letting it act for 3 minutes, then rinse

2) Decontamination:

Process able to reduce the microbial load by treating contaminated substrates with chemical means.â € ¨ The decontamination intervention is performed through a nebulizer machine, containing disinfectant product, PER ACTIVE PMC Virucida EN 14476 at 1.7% (170 ml in 10lt) with oxygen-based bactericidal and fungicidal action. Complies with EN tests: 1276, 1650, 13697. The machine, through the micro-nebulization saturates the treated area, thus sanitizing all areas of the room and the fabrics, this process allows the sanitation of those areas that cannot be reached with manual sanitation work. It is left to act for 5 minutes.

As regards the linen system, our supplier adopts company control procedures and systems for the prevention and control of COVID19 infections; The bed linen and towels supplied in your apartment have undergone washing cycles with detergents approved by the Ministry of Health which, combined with operating temperatures between 70 ° and 90 °, and a controlled and monitored PH constantly guarantee sanitation and hygiene. ‘reduction of the bacterial load. Each batch of linen, from taking charge to the final sealing of the packages by means of heat-shrink sealant, is treated following the policies dictated by the UNI EN ISO 14065: 2016 standard “.