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What is the first thing you would like to do as soon as the lock down ends? Breakfast at the bar.

The first lock down phase has finally ended. The bars and restaurants are open again, exclusively for take-away. Better than nothing.

Well, we are looking for company for a breakfast together at the bar tomorrow morning. To share what will not be just any breakfast, any morning. The first after fifty days of home breakfasts and the first in a new way.

There is a first time for everything, including take away coffee. But at least he is in company. Just the time to spend the line together waiting for your turn. And in the meantime lean with your elbows, respecting the meter of distance each, on an imaginary counter, suspended, which will accompany us for the whole row, beyond the bar, outside, up to the sidewalk, going around the building. Taking care not to cross the legs together with the elbows resting on the ground so as not to end up with the nose on the ground, forgetting that the suspended balcony exists only in my head.

The usual counter, that of the bar downstairs, of croissants in the morning, extendable to infinity, as if it had the extension, for the entire length of the row … a vision that does not want to surrender to the social dimension of coffee.

In the meantime I will ask myself if, as soon as it is my turn, Giorgio, Fabio, Francesca will recognize me under the mask, after all this time.

All that is missing from this image is that of the mechanical arm, that of pharmacies, which from the sky of Lavazza advertising, like a deus ex machine, transports their own dose of coffee to each one. It seems to me an excellent antidote to the virus. It is not us who go to the coffee shop, but it is he who joins us on this imaginary track.

The same applies to the removal of alcohol from wine bars. Can you imagine a take away of alcohol instead of bottled, by the drop, complete with a tour around the building until you return to increase the dose? Time to pour the liquid into a glass, drain it and then on to the next. In a vicious and virtual circle like an assembly line that never jams.

Suspended, imaginary, hallucinated culinary paths, ascending, cubic, parabolic curves are projected. I will be the effect of the quarantine.

Welcome back to normal life!